Receipt of your deposit signals a green light for your design work to commence! Current turnaround times may vary.

Project Payment Schedule: 
50%: Down payment (upon approving proposal)
50%: Upon Completion

Design Rate: $95/Hour

All new designs & design changes are billed at a minimum $95 per hour. Your change request will be completed within the order it is received.

Submit a change order here. Schedule an appointment here.

*Website Clients are fully responsible for Hosting and Domain Fees. Additional work not included in estimates, will be billed separately. Estimates are valid for 30 days. Prices are subject to change without notice.

Ownership & Rights: All preparation materials, including the electronic native file used to create, remain the property of Gina Drago Design LLC. Upon final payment, client will become owner and may be granted to use files in any way, shape or form he/she chooses. Gina Drago Design LLC reserves the right, to use publicly, design work in any marketing and/or portfolio showcase.


1. Do you provide a timeline as to expected delivery of content etc.?

I typically like to have all of your content before I begin designing. The design is like a puzzle, I like to have all my pieces, so I know what I'm working with. If you have a couple things you are still working on that's no problem. However, I would like the bulk beforehand.

2. How many revisions, if needed, are included in the contract?

Logos are priced with revisions included. For websites, my motto is usually do it right the first time, which means A LOT of communication between you and I. I usually never charge for revisions because it is all part of the process. For Example: If I finish the site and spent 20 Hrs and you completely hate it and want something totally different, then I probably failed as a designer and to communicate with you. Hiring a designer can be tough at times because relaying what you "want" or even deciding what you "want" needs to happen first. I do this everyday with clients and if you're not happy, I'm not happy. We will spend time looking at other sites and finding things you like and dislike. But most importantly my job is to make it "you"!

3. What is your cancellation or discontinue of services policy?

Here are some scenarios:

-If I have followed all the steps above and delivered a website to you that encompossed what we discussed, or you decided "hey I'm not doing this business anymore" there would be no refund because my end of the contract was complete and I would need to cover the time/money I spent.

-If my end of the contract was not complete, I would need to know your reasoning behind it. I will surely do everything possible to keep you happy, but in the unlikely event I breach my own contract, you will be refunded. I pride myself on being fair and would want the same in return.